Turiya Guides


Co Founder and Yoga Guide

David Westlake

David began yoga journey thirty years ago when introduced to meditation while studying religion and spirituality in his university days. This led him to study a variety of yoga texts, traditions and lineages before beginning to facilitate classes. After years of studio teaching he started Integration for those seeking to integrate numerous aspects of the practice in their lives. Along side Integration YGT, David works within a variety of corporations, correctional centers and non-profits offering different lifestyle based yoga trainings.

Co-Founder and Yoga Guide

Darcy Stein

Darcy is a self described film enthusiast, lyric thief, hedonist, low-key badass yogi and most of all a co-founder for Turiya of Alaska

Speciality Guides

Anatomy and Flow Guide

Tarah Lehman

Tarah comes to us with a wide range of life experience. Mother, massage therapist, university professor, medical student are just a few of the hats she wears in her journey. We are fortunate to have her bring a living passion for anatomy and self-understanding.

Trauma Informed Yoga Guide

Jody Hassel

Jody is a teacher, artist and an active community member with a passion for social justice. Living and working in Fairbanks, Jody directs the Blossom House which offers trauma informed yoga to those seeking healing and deeper awareness.

Meditation and Metta Guide

Melanie Lombard

Melanie brings a deep love for art, poetry and meditation. She offers a gentle invitation for folks to discover their creative and authentic selves. Her sessions help students step into a meditative path with compassion and self-care.